Why is the inner membrane deeply folded in mitochondria?

Why is the inner membrane deeply folded in mitochondria?

The inner membrane of Mitochondria is deeply folded to create a large surface area for chemical reactions of oxidative phosphorylation, i.e. the process of converting food sugars into energy (ATP) to take place.

What is the inner membrane of a mitochondria made of?

The mitochondrial inner membrane is made primarily of a phospholipid bilayer, just like the cell membrane. Embedded in this bilayer are various proteins that serve to carry out the electron transport chain. The membrane has folds called christae that increase its surface area.

What are the folds called?

Three forms of folds: syncline, anticline, and monocline.

Why is the inner membrane of the mitochondria highly folded quizlet?

Why is the inner mitochondrial membrane folded? Because the cristae increase the surface area for chemical reactions.

What is inner membrane?

The inner or cytoplasmic membrane, impermeable to polar molecules, regulates the passage of nutrients, metabolites, macromolecules, and information in and out of the cytoplasm and maintains the proton motive force required for energy storage.

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What are the folds in mitochondria called?

To increase the capacity of the mitochondrion to synthesize ATP, the inner membrane is folded to form cristae. These folds allow a much greater amount of electron transport chain enzymes and ATP synthase to be packed into the mitochondrion.

What is the other name for upright fold?

Explanation: Symmetrical folds are also called normal folds or upright folds. In such a fold, the axial plane is essentially vertical.

What is folding and faulting?

When the Earth’s crust is pushed together via compression forces, it can experience geological processes called folding and faulting. Folding occurs when the Earth’s crust bends away from a flat surface. … Faulting happens when the Earth’s crust completely breaks and slides past each other.

What are the folds of the inner membrane of chloroplasts called quizlet?

Describe- Organelle with a double membrane, the inner membrane is folded to form cristae to which enzymes attach. The space within the inner membrane is called the matrix where more enzymes are present. Between the outer membrane and inner membrane, there is a fluid filled space.

How is the folded inner membrane of the mitochondria related to its function?

The folding of the inner membrane increases the surface area inside the organelle. Since many of the chemical reactions happen on the inner membrane, the increased surface area creates more space for reactions to occur. If you have more space to work, you can get more work done.

Why is the inner membrane of the mitochondria highly folded What role do individual thylakoid membranes serve?

Why is the inner membrane of the mitochondria highly folded? and What role do all the individual thylakoid membrane serve? To give them an increase in surface area to perform cell respiration and photosynthesis. Both organelles are semiautonomous organelles that grow and reproduce within the cell.

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Where is the inner membrane of mitochondria?

The inner membrane forms invaginations, called cristae, that extend deeply into the matrix. The cristae define the third mitochondrial compartment, the crista lumen. The crista membranes contain most, if not all, of the fully assembled complexes of the electron transport chain and the ATP synthase (Fig. 2).