Why Can I Not Download Spotify On PS4?

If you’ve tried to download Spotify from the PS Store on the console, it is likely already in your download list; if so, go to your download list in a web browser and add Spotify to the download queue remotely.

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Download the Spotify app on your PS5, PS4, or PS3 to listen to your favorite music and podcasts on your console.

Generally How do I download Spotify on my PS4? Go to PlayStation Store and search for Spotify to locate and download the app. Download the Spotify app and link accounts

  1. Select All Apps from your media home.
  2. Select Spotify > Download.
  3. Select Sign up or Log in and enter your details.
  4. Select Link Accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why is Spotify error on PS4?

Why isn’t my Spotify working on my PS4? If you get this error, log out of PSN and re-login on a computer or device, then unlink your Spotify account from your PSN account. Return to PSN on your PS4 and launch the Spotify app, where you’ll enter your login information for a new account.

Why can I not download Spotify?

Make sure you have enough space on your device Make sure your device’s memory has enough free space to download music. Spotify recommends leaving at least one GB of storage free. You can check how much storage you have on your phone directly in the Spotify app: 1.

Why is Spotify not working 2022?

The app might not be working for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: Corrupted local files. Issues with an operating system like Windows or Android. A poor internet connection.

Is Spotify Still Down?

We’re aware of some issues right now and are checking them out! We’ll keep you posted. know if you’re still having issues. Something’s still out of tune.

Is Spotify free on PS5?

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service, offering songs, albums, EP’s, and podcasts to listen to for free or without ads on a monthly subscription plan. This will be the second Sony console to feature Spotify and all the content on the service will be accessible on PS5.

Where is the PlayStation Music app?

Press the PS button to open the control center and then select Music.

How do I fix error WV 33898 1 on PS4?

If you are using outdated PS4 system software, you could also encounter the error code WV-33898-1. So, to solve the problem, you can try to check for system software updates. If your PS4 is connected to a proper network, you can just go to Settings > System Software Update > Update to check for available updates.

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