Where is your proximal humerus?

Where is your proximal humerus?

The proximal area of the humerus is the portion near the arm’s attachment to the body. Bony landmarks in this part of your arm include the greater tuberosity, lesser tuberosity, surgical neck and anatomical neck.

What is the most common site for a proximal humerus fracture?

The most frequently fractured site of the humerus especially in elderly is the surgical neck which is an area of constriction distal to the tuberosities. The deforming forces relevant to PHFs include: pectoralis major: displaces humeral shaft anterior/medial.

What is the proximal end of humerus?

head Proximal end. The proximal end of the humerus consists of a head, an anatomical neck and the greater and lesser tubercles.

Which is the most proximal part of the humerus?

head It articulates proximally with the glenoid via the glenohumeral (GH) joint and distally with the radius and ulna at the elbow joint. The most proximal portion of the humerus is the head of the humerus, which forms a ball and socket joint with the glenoid cavity on the scapula.

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How painful is a proximal humerus fracture?

Proximal humerus fractures usually hurt a lot, especially when you try to move your arm. Simple breathing will cause pain. There may be a lot of swelling and bruising in your armpit, your chest, and down your arm. You may even have bruising in your hand or even fingers.

How do you sleep with a proximal humerus fracture?

You should sleep upright, either in an arm chair, or sitting up in bed propped up on plenty of pillows. Your upper arm should be allowed to hang and not be rested on pillows which may force your shoulder upwards. Hygiene.

How do you fix a proximal humerus fracture?

Proximal humerus fractures can be fixed with plates and screws or joint replacement depending on the type of injury. Surgery usually takes 1-2 hours and can often be done on a same day or outpatient basis. Ideally, surgeons like to perform surgery within 1-2 weeks of injury.

Can you move your arm with a fractured humerus?

A fractured humerus or upper arm is extremely painful, and the patient may not be able to move their arm. Sometimes, the radial nerve (one of the main nerves in the arm) may be injured. This happens about 15% of the time.

What is a common complication of a proximal humerus fracture?

The most common complication of proximal humerus fracture is adhesive capsulitis. This can be prevented by the early initiation of a rehabilitation program. Two-part fractures of the articular surface and 4-part fractures have a high incidence of avascular necrosis of the humeral head.

Is the Trochlea proximal or distal?

Humerus (Figure 3) The distal end of the humerus has a unique set of bony features that articulate with the radius and ulna. The trochlea is the roughly hourglass-shaped feature on the distal end of the humerus.

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Where is the acromion process?

scapula The acromion (plural: acromia), also known as the acromial process, is a small projection of the scapula that extends anteriorly from the spine of the scapula.

How do you know which side of the humerus is?

Is humeral neck same as surgical neck?

The surgical neck of the humerus is a constriction below the tubercles of the greater tubercle and lesser tubercle, and above the deltoid tuberosity. It is much more frequently fractured than the anatomical neck of the humerus. …

Surgical neck of the humerus
TA98 A02.4.04.004
TA2 1183
FMA 23359
Anatomical terminology

Is the humerus anterior or posterior?

Posterior view. The body or shaft of the humerus is triangular to cylindrical in cut section and is compressed anteroposteriorly. It has 3 surfaces, namely: Anterolateral surface: the area between the lateral border of the humerus to the line drawn as a continuation of the crest of the greater tubercle.

Is the humerus proximal to the scapula?

Humerus: The humerus attaches proximally to the scapula (shoulderblade) at the humeral head and distally with the radius and ulna (lower-arm bones) at the trochlea and capitulum, respectively. The proximal portion of the humerus can be divided into three parts.

How do I know if I have proximal humerus fracture?

An individual with a proximal humerus fracture may experience the following symptoms immediately following the injury:

  1. Pain.
  2. Swelling.
  3. Bruising.
  4. Severely restricted movement of the shoulder.
  5. Numbness and tingling in the arm, forearm, or hand.
  6. Deformity (an unusual appearance) of the upper arm.

How long does it take for a broken humerus to stop hurting?

The humerus is the long bone in your upper arm. When broken it needs specialised care so that you can cope with the problems it brings. It will take a minimum of 12 weeks to heal. This is a very painful injury so take your pain relief medication regularly as prescribed by the doctor.

What is the best treatment for a broken humerus?

A humerus shaft fracture may be treated with or without surgery, depending on the fracture pattern and associated injuries (i.e., nerve injury or open fracture). A temporary splint extending from the shoulder to the forearm and holding the elbow bent at 90 degrees can be used for initial management of the fracture.

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Can you sleep lying down with a broken humerus?

Though it may be uncomfortable, try sleeping, as much as possible, in a seated/upright position. Lying flat may allow the bone to move and bend, even in a cast.

Can I take my sling off to sleep?

How soon can you drive after a proximal humerus fracture?

On average most people return to driving around 4 weeks following surgery. If a ligament or tendon has been repaired, you need to wait until the tendon/ ligament has healed normally around 8-10 weeks with a graduated increase in activity. Returning to driving early after tendon surgery may compromise your outcome.

Can a humerus fracture heal on its own?

Most humerus fractures eventually heal without causing any long-term health problems. For the smoothest recovery process, see your doctor as soon as you notice symptoms of a fracture.

Should I ice a broken humerus?

Cold packs. Putting an ice pack on the injured area may help reduce swelling and pain. Pain medicines. Taking prescription or over-the-counter pain medicines may help reduce pain and swelling.

How can I heal my broken shoulder faster?

Shoulder Fracture Treatment Options

  1. Icing.
  2. Immobilization with an arm sling or wrap while bones heal.
  3. Oral medications to help alleviate pain.
  4. Physical therapy and range-of-motion exercises (to begin once the bones have started to heal and under the close supervision of a physical therapist)

How do you wash your hair with a broken arm?

What is Malunion fracture?

After a bone is broken (fractured), the body will start the healing process. If the two ends of the broken bone are not lined up properly, the bone can heal with a deformity called a malunion. A malunion fracture occurs when a large space between the displaced ends of the bone have been filled in by new bone.