What is plant capitulum?

A head (capitulum) is a short dense spike in which the flowers are borne directly on a broad, flat peduncle, giving the inflorescence the appearance of a single flower, as in the dandelion (Taraxacum). … This results in a grouping of small flowers in such a way as to appear as a single flower.

Is capitulum a flower?

Capitulum is a pseudanthium, a false flower that superficially mimics a single flower but is a highly aggregated structure comprised of multiple flowers with specialized functions.

In which flower head of the flower is called as capitulum?

The composite inflorescence, capitulum, or flower head in Asteraceae assembles multiple flowers into a single, highly compressed structure.

What type of flower has a capitulum structure?

Inflorescences. Nearly all Asteraceae bear their flowers in dense flower heads called capitula. They are surrounded by involucral bracts, and when viewed from a distance, each capitulum may appear to be a single flower.

What is the function of the capitulum?

capitulum: At the distal head of the humerus, it articulates with the radius of the forearm. trochlea: At the distal head of the humerus, it articulates with the ulna of the forearm. anatomical neck: A constriction adjacent to the humeral head that increases the range of movement possible at the shoulder joint.

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What is capitulum with example?

capitulum A type of flowering shoot (see racemose inflorescence) characteristic of plants of the family Compositae (Asteraceae), e.g. daisy and dandelion. The tip of the shoot is flattened and bears many small stalkless flowers (florets) surrounded by an involucre (ring) of bracts.

Is the capitulum lateral?

The capitellum, also referred to as the capitulum, is the lateral part of the humeral condyle that articulates with the radial head.

What articulates with the capitulum?

The capitulum laterally articulates with the radius; the trochlea, a spool-shaped surface, articulates with the ulna.

What are the types of capitulum?

Capitulum or Racemose Head (Fig. The latter are of two types, tubular and ligulate. The florets are arranged in a centripetal fashion, e.g., younger towards the cenre and older towards the periphery. The inflorescence is surrounded by one or more whorls of bracts called involucre.

What does capitulum mean in English?

1 : a rounded protuberance of an anatomical part (such as a bone) 2 : a racemose inflorescence (as of the sunflower) with the axis shortened and dilated to form a rounded or flattened cluster of sessile flowers — see inflorescence illustration.

Is capitulum a condyle?

A large central condyle which has two articular components – the capitulum which articulates with the head of the radius, and the trochlea which articulates with the ulna.

What is a Corolla in a flower?

: the part of a flower that consists of the separate or fused petals and constitutes the inner whorl of the perianth.

Are sunflowers Pseudanthium?

Pseudanthia are characteristic of the daisy and sunflower family (Asteraceae), whose flowers are differentiated into ray flowers and disk flowers, unique to this family. … The pseudanthium has a whorl of bracts below the flowers, forming an involucre.

Is a dandelion a daisy?

Dandelion is the common name for any plants of the genus Taraxacum of the flowering plant family Asteraceae (known as the aster, daisy, or sunflower family). … Dandelion.

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Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Taraxacum Cass.

Is a daisy An aster?

Although the botanical name, Asteraceae, comes from a Greek word meaning star, people often refer to asters by their common name, daisy. Still others refer to asters as Compositae. That’s because their blooms are composed of many tiny, individual flowers.

Where in the body is the capitulum?

humerus Anatomical terms of bone In human anatomy of the arm, the capitulum of the humerus is a smooth, rounded eminence on the lateral portion of the distal articular surface of the humerus. It articulates with the cupshaped depression on the head of the radius, and is limited to the front and lower part of the bone.

Where are capitulum found?

Immediately lateral to the trochlea is the capitulum (“small head”), a knob-like structure located on the anterior surface of the distal humerus. The capitulum articulates with the radius bone of the forearm. Just above these bony areas are two small depressions.

How do you palpate capitulum?

What is Didynamous?

: having four stamens disposed in pairs of unequal length —used especially of plants of the families Scrophulariaceae and Labiatae.

What are the Trochlea and capitulum?

The trochlea and capitulum are the rounded, smooth, knuckle-like surfaces at the anterior and distal end of the humerus. The elbow flexes and extends around these structures. Two outcroppings of bone flank the trochlea and capitulum.

What is a Capitellum fracture?

Fracture of the capitellum is an intra-articular fracture of the elbow, analogous to the Hoffa fracture of the knee. It is a rare fracture which represents an injury to the lateral column of the distal humerus. The mechanism of injury is usually an axial loading through the radial head [3].

Is capitulum medial to trochlea?

It articulates with the scapula at the shoulder joint, and the radius and ulna at the elbow. … The other, called the capitulum, is a small spherical structure lateral to the trochlea that articulates with the head of the radius. The capitulum is on the lateral side, the trochlea is medial.

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Is the Capitellum cartilage?

There are two cartilage-covered parts of the end on the humerus: The trochlea on the inside of the elbow. The capitellum on the outside of the elbow.

Is the capitulum part of the ulna?

Capitulum of humerus – Capitulum humeri In dog and cats, the condyle is divided in two parts: The trochlea, the medial part, that articulates with ulna. The capitulum, the lateral part; that articulates with radius.

How do you remember capitulum and Trochlea?

The mnemonic of the order of appearance of the individual ossification centers is C-R-I-T-O-E: Capitellum, Radial head, Internal (medial) epicondyle, Trochlea, Olecranon, External (lateral) epicondyle.

What part of the radius articulates with the capitulum?

The radius articulates proximally at the elbow with the capitulum of the humerus and the radial notch of the ulna. It articulates at its distal end with the ulna at the ulnar notch and with the articular surfaces of the scaphoid and lunate carpal bones.

What is the upper arm called?

In human anatomy, the arm is the part of the upper limb between the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) and the elbow joint. In common usage, the arm extends through the hand. …

Latin Brachium
TA98 A01.1.00.022
Anatomical terminology

Is Hibiscus a solitary flower?

In Hibiscus, flower is borne singly at the tip of peduncle. Hence, teacher described Hibiscus as solitary cyme.

What is solitary flower?

When a flower is not a part of an inflorescence, such a flower is called a solitary flower. The solitary flowers are always present at a specific position of the plant. The flower appears singly or separated from other flowers due to dense vegetative regions.

What is an example of Racemose inflorescence?

Raceme: When flowers with pedicel are arranged in acropetal manner. Example: mustard (Brassica campestris), radish (Raphanus sativus). Spike: When flowers without pedicel are arranged in acropetal manner. Example: amaranth (Amaranthus spp.), latjira (Achyranthes aspera), etc.