What is a FAHU in Tongan?

What is a FAHU in Tongan?

Within a family, the highest status actually belongs to the Fahu, which is the father’s oldest sister. Those of high status may receive the best foods, housing, clothing and opportunities, but they would also reciprocate by extending generous support to all their family members.

What do you wear to a Tongan funeral?

If attending a Tongan funeral, it is customary for men and women to wear conservative black clothing as a sign of mourning, and a ta’ovala as a sign of respect. If you don’t have one, a long skirt for women or black tupenu (long black pants for men) is fine.

What is a Failotu?

Failotu. A group of people coming to express their condolences, share prayer, and give gifts (food, blankets, ngatu, fala, and money) in celebration of the life of the person who passed.

What is the Polynesian hair cutting ceremony?

Polynesian culture might have the best first haircut ritual. The ceremony is basically a party, where kids sit on chairs and are covered in special quilts known as tvaevae. As the child’s hair is sheared, friends and members of the community cover him or her with money and gifts.

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What is a Tongan skirt called?

Tonga people call the garment a Ta’ovala (pronounced tahohVAHlah). Ta’o means to press down and vale means skirt, said Chief Veihala, a recognized authority on the Tongan language and customs. In common parlance, the vale is the skirt, alone, the ta’ovala is the beltlike accessory.

What are Tongan beliefs?

The four core values are Fefaka’apa’apa’aki (mutual respect), Feveitokai’aki (sharing, cooperating and fulfilment of mutual obligations), Lototoo (humility and generosity) and Tauhi vaha’a (loyalty and commitment). Family is the central unit of Tongan life.

Why do Tongan people wear mats?

Tongan funerals are also times of great respect and love. The type of mat worn, referred to as ta’ovala, indicates how one is related to the deceased. Someone wearing a colorful, finely woven mat to a funeral suggests they have high status. … They’re grief may also be represented in the size of the ta’ovala.

How long do Tongan funerals last?

One night, but in case of a high chief the okinaap can last a whole week.

How do you say sorry in Tongan?

Ko (name) au. Sorry, I don’t understand. Fakamolemole, ‘ikai mahino.

What is a Tongan wedding?

One of the many famous traditions known to Tongans is the making of tapa cloth. A wedding couple will have to wear special Tongan ta’ovala made of tapa cloth and mats. … The wedding reception will include speeches, gift giving, dancing, singing, and the best part lots and lots of food to fill one’s stomach.

What is Tongan traditional food?

The staples of Tongan foods are pork, chicken, beef, sheep ribs and of course fish to name a few popular meats. Add in some coconut milk, taro leaves and various starches such as yams, taro, sweet potatoes and tapioca and you can taste the true Tongan cuisine.

What hair type is Polynesians?

The Polynesians’ hair is of high quality. It is thick, shiny, healthy and easy to style. The hair is a mixture of straight and curly hair which results in this foam aspect even pearled. It is traditionally long even very long !

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When should a girl get her first haircut?

There’s no specific age recommended for a first haircut, it can be anywhere between 6 months and 2 years on average. Some babies are born with lots of hair and may be ready sooner than others, and some parents choose to prolong the first haircut well into toddlerhood.

Why do Samoans have nice hair?

Traditionally, this ritual has spiritual symbolism for Polynesians, despite the dispute over its origins. … However, the main aspect of this tradition is that the boys grow their hair until they are ready for manhood, with their female family members lovingly caring for and tending to the boys hair until that time comes.

Do Tongan men wear skirts?

Tongan men wear a tupenu, a type of cloth skirt that goes around the waist and long enough to cover the knees. They also wear a ta’ovala, a traditional Tongan mat that is very short and is worn around the waist and is tied with a kafa, a Tongan traditional string made from coconut fibre.

What is a Samoan skirt called?

A lavalava, also known as an ‘ie, short for ‘ie lavalava, is an article of daily clothing traditionally worn by Polynesians and other Oceanic peoples. It consists of a single rectangular cloth worn similarly to a wraparound skirt or kilt. The term lavalava is both singular and plural in the Samoan language.

What do Tongan girls wear?

Noema said girls in Tonga usually wear a kiekie, which looks similar to a belt and is made from plants, like the hibiscus tree bark or mulberry tree bark. The kiekie is worn at formal gatherings or church meetings. She explained women wear these as a sign of respect to those around and for the occasion.

Why is Tonga so special?

This is partly because Tonga is the only Pacific Island nation never colonised by a foreign power. Uniquely, Tonga has also never lost its indigenous governance. After over 1000 years of rule, today’s monarchy and its structure still remain the most powerful and influential entity in Tonga.

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What is a Tongan dance called?

Often considered Tonga’s national dance, Lakalaka is a blend of choreography, oratory, and vocal and instrumental polyphony. … The term lakalaka means to step briskly or carefully in the Tongan language, and its origins can be traced to a dance known as the me’elaufola.

How do you wear a Tongan mat?

As in ancient times, this often still consists of a laufala mat wrapped around the waist and secured with kafa sennit cord made from braided coconut husk fibers. Ta’ovala end above the knees, but they can hang down to the ankles, and on some occasions even be drawn over the head.

What happens at a Tongan wedding?

The groom comes to the bride’s house and escorts her to the wedding venue. This is followed by a church ceremony to seal the marriage before God. After the wedding ceremony, dancing and feasting follows whereby a particular ceremony, called kava, is held to honor the couple.

Why do Tongans cut their hair after someone dies?

According to Baron Vaea’s sister, Palu Vava’u, the ceremony takes place on the Pongipongi Tapu. She said it is a part of our culture that when someone dies, his children and those of the lower ranking side and of the father’s brother’s side, show their ultimate deference for the deceased by cutting their hair.

What happens at a traditional Tongan funeral?

After the funeral, there is a funeral procession to the burial that’s lead by a brass band. The priest also may do a graveside funeral service, and the men in the family dig the grave. Many times, the family decorates the gravesite with large, colorful quilts placed on racks.

Are you alright in Tongan?

Tonga: Important Phrases

Fefe hake How are you?
Sai pe Fine, Alright,well
Malo Thank you
Malo ‘aupito Thank you very much
‘Ikai No

What does Mafana mean in Tongan?

Inwardly warm.

What does Malo Aupito mean in Tongan?

Malo ‘aupito means thank you and, if you’re a polite tourist, it’s a word that you will be using a lot in Tonga.