What does FRT stand for in construction?

What does FRT stand for in construction?

FRT. Fire Retardant Treated (wood construction)

What does FF mean in construction?

Also referred to as FF is Finished Floor Elevation. The term FFE refers to the top of the structural slab and its elevation above sea level. FG. Finished grade. The term FG refers to the elevation above sea level for the finished grade or finished ground.

What does FRP stand for in concrete?

Fiber-reinforced polymer Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems are simply defined as high-strength and lightweight reinforcements created by combining carbon (CFRP) or E-glass fibers with a polymer material.

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What does FIR mean in construction?


Acronym Definition
FIR Facility Inspection Report
FIR Full Inspection Report
FIR Financial Inventory Report
FIR Federal Industry and Research (type of grant)

What is FRT finance?

See federally related transactions.

What does FTR stand for?


Acronym Definition
FTR For The Record
FTR Fit to Run
FTR Failure to Return
FTR Failed to Report

What is finished floor elevation?

The finished floor elevation (FFE) is the height at which the concrete slab for the 1st floor living area of the home needs to be at based on Florida Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and specific land development code requirements.

What does FF mean on a floor plan?

Architectural Abbreviations

EA Each
FF Finished Face or Finished Floor
FFL Finished Floor Level
FIXT Fixture
FLR Floor

What is FF in measurement?

Ff, or flatness F-Number, defines the maximum floor curvature allowed over 24 (600 mm) computed on the basis of successive 12 (300 mm) elevation differentials. Fl, or levelness F-Number, defines the relative conformity of the floor surface to a horizontal plane as measured over a 10′ (3.03m) distance.

What is FRP in construction?

FRP is composed of a protective polymer reinforced with high-strength fiberglass. Together, these materials create a premium composite with many potential construction applications. FRP outperforms wood and concrete for bridges, pedestrian pathways, and other structures, while holding up to decades of wear and tear.

What is FRP in building materials?

Fiberglass-reinforced polymer is a strong, lightweight building material that resists corrosion. FRP is sometimes called composite because it’s made of a combination of materials that work together for even stronger performance.

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What is FRP contractor?

Founded in 2006, FRP Construction, LLC, specializes in repair and restoration of structures using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products.

What is FFL architecture?

Finished floor level (FFL) refers to the uppermost surface of a floor once construction has been completed but before any finishes have been applied.

What does g2s mean in woodworking?

Good Two Sides (plywood grade)


Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRT) is a dividend king, over 50 years of dividend growth, in the form of a REIT investing in properties across the US. I’ve written about the company a number of times before, then with a bullish stance.

What does FTR mean in finance?

Financial Transmission Right (FTR)

What does FTR mean in a job?

FTR means For The Record.

What is FTR in salary?

APPOINTMENT ANNUAL FULL-TIME RATE (FTR) The annualized full-time rate, also called the Institutional Base Salary, reflects the amount of pay an employee would receive if he/she were employed full-time for the entire academic or calendar year.

How do I work out my FFL?

Locate the structural floor height specified in the flooring project plans. Add the combined height of the architectural floor material, substrates and adhesives to the structural floor height. This is the finished floor level.

What does FFE stand for in civil engineering?

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment FF&E is an abbreviation for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (sometimes also abbreviated as FFE).

What is minimum finished floor elevation?

The lowest finished floor elevation is to be a minimum of 1 foot above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).

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What does FB stand for in construction?

Footing Beam FB – Footing Beam. FB – From Below. FBC – Full Business Case. FBTA – From Below To Above.

What does AC mean on floor plans?

Annual Cost AC – Annual Cost.

What is DB in floor plan?

Condo/HDB Floor Plan Abbreviations Used in Singapore

Floor plan abbreviation What it means
HS Household/bomb shelter
BW Bay window
DB Electrical switchboard
W/D Washer/dryer designated area

How flat should a concrete slab be?

Classifying Concrete Floors Based on Flatness and Levelness

Classification Specified Overall Flatness (SOFF) Specified Overall Levelness (SOFL)
Conventional 20 15
Moderately Flat 25 20
Flat 35 25
Very Flat 45 35

What is a super flat floor?

What Is a Superflat Floor? A superflat floor is built to a much tighter tolerance than a normal floor slab, using a special tolerance system called the Fmin tolerance system. This is based on defining a floor’s maximum variation for a certain lift truck.

What is the difference between FF and FL?

Floor Flatness (FF): The FF number essentially tells you how flat your concrete floor is. Bumps and grooves cause your Floor Flatness numbers to drop. Higher F-numbers equal flatter floors. Floor Levelness (FL): The FL number indicates if you have any tilts or pitches in the slab.