Royal the Renaissance Kid: Artist, Actor, Chess King and More

If chess is the game of kings, Royal is the heir to his own throne. He is not only on his path to elite mastery–he continues to perfect his talents through Atlanta Habitat’s chess club, the Atlanta Habitat Knights–but he is also an aspiring actor, artist, and designer.

Royal’s mother, Malikah, stated, “Royal has been drawing, I mean truly, since we gave him his first box of crayons.” “He’s always working on something new, and he’s always loved designing logos.” Royal can design logos for businesses, YouTube shows, and music labels, to mention a few. His design for the Atlanta Habitat Young Knights, a brilliant riff on the Habitat logo produced in collaboration with input from the rest of the chess team, was only natural to wind up on the chess club’s official T-shirt.

Chess is a game that allows you to meet new people, have fun, and test your mind, according to Royal. “It’s the same as life.” You must exercise patience and plan ahead for your next move.” Yikes! Some of us didn’t learn that lesson until we were far into adulthood. Royal is a firm believer in the less-is-more design philosophy. He created the chess club logo in Wix and then fine-tuned it in Paint Pretty. He aspires to make money by utilising his abilities. Royal received a $50 gift card from Atlanta Habitat for his winning logo design.

Royal, a young man with many talents, also enjoys performing. He’s taken improve and stand-up comedy seminars at Dad’s Garage, as well as more formal stagecraft training at the Alliance Theater. He has appeared in a prominent YouTube web series, runs his own YouTube channel, and has even written and sung a rap about stock market investment! Royal, a Renaissance man in the making, is modest about his artistic abilities. He takes it all in stride with an endearing preteen swagger as he and his mother look for an arts-focused institution to assist him further develop his talents. He explains, “There are a lot of artists in my family.” “However, everyone has abilities.”

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