How Do You Get The 14 Day Free Trial On PS4?

You need a credit/debit card or PayPal account registered to your account for PlayStation Network to sign up for and access a free trial offer. The required payment method may vary by country. Each person is eligible for only one free trial unless otherwise communicated.

Also, Do You Know Why isn’t my PS Plus Free Trial Not working?

If you are trying to purchase a free trial, such as PlayStation Plus, please make sure you have not used the trial period in the past as these can only be used once. Try restoring your licences by going to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licences on your PS4 system, then try your purchase again.

Generally Can’t start PS Now free trial? Sorry to hear that you are having issues to get the PS Now free trial. Please try to activate it through the PSN store in the console itself. Go to > PlayStation Store > Services > PS Now > Start Free Trial. A payment method in the account is required for you to activate it.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I get a free trial without a card?

How to get Free Trials without Credit Card: Check this 4 Simple Tricks

  1. Use Virtual Credit Cards. Source: iCard Blog.
  2. Utilize Credit Card Number Generators. Source: iCard Blog.
  3. Use the Nacho Nacho App. Many credit cards are lost by the users, stolen, or expired.
  4. Request an Already Existent Trial Period Account.

Did Sony remove PS Now trial?

Sony has confirmed it’s blocked PS Plus and Now subscription stacking.

Does PS Now still have a free trial?

Free Trial If you have yet to experience PS Now, now is the time to do so. Since 7th April 2021, Sony have been providing a 7-day free trial period to play as many games as you want.

Why can’t I extend my PlayStation Plus?

Sony has confirmed it has removed the ability for existing PlayStation Plus subscribers to extend their subscription – blocking the ability for anyone to stack future membership via pre-paid cards – until the revamped service arrives in late June.

Is PS Plus free on PS5?

PlayStation Plus Collection They are available at no extra cost to PS5 owners with PS Plus.

Can you play GTA Online without PS Plus?

Can you play GTA Online without PS Plus? The short answer, we’re afraid, is that you do need PS Plus to play GTA Online on PlayStation, which is in line with most other games on Sony’s platforms.

Is online free on PS4?

Sony charges for its online services because it does cost money to maintain the technology and hardware needed to power multiplayer over the internet. Those wanting to play multiplayer online have had to have a PS Plus membership to do so since the launch of the PS4 in 2013.

Is PS Now worth it 2022?

If you’re only focused on playing the latest games, then PS Now might not be worth it. Though, with Sony’s March 2022 Shadow Warrior 3 PS Now launch, there is a chance PS Now could include regular new releases down the line.

What does error code e 8210604A?

The PlayStation error code E-8210604A occurs when issues with a payment method. This problem most often occurs when users have just updated an expired debit card and can prevent them from completing their subscription to PS Plus or PS Now.

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