Does The Logitech G935 Headset Work With Xbox One?

The G935 headset will not work wirelessly on the new Xbox. It has a 3.5mm cable that will be able to be plugged in to the controller to use with the XBox. If you want to get your boyfriend a nice, wireless headset for the new Xbox, I suggest getting him the Astro A20 or A50.

Also, Do You Know How do I use G935 on Xbox One?

According to the user manual of the G935 headset, you connect the headset to the Xbox One controller via the headphone jack cable. For wireless operation, the G935 uses the USB adapter that only works on PC. So on the console, you have the wireless connection between console and controller.

Generally Can I use my Logitech headset with Xbox One? No, The Logitech G933 does not work with the Xbox one wirelessly You are required to have a Cord, I purchased it and found out that the Xbox one is unable too connect wirelessly, And Returned it, And Purchased the Astro A-50 Headset, And it had instructions with them, Where the Logitech had a small picture diagram and

Here You Can Watch The Video Logitech G935 BEST WIRELESS GAMING HEADSET


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I get my Logitech headset to work on my Xbox?

To connect pair compatible headset with an Xbox One, first press and release the connect button on the side of the console while it is on, then hold the pairing button (often it’s the power button) on the headset for a few seconds—it varies from headset to headset.

Is Logitech g935 Bluetooth?

These headphones are not Bluetooth compatible.

Does the G935 have software?

Fully Customizable With Logitech G HUB gaming software you can personalize LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting, program G-keys with macros and in-game commands, and customize audio preferences with unique profiles for each game and app.

How do I set up my G935?


  1. Plug-in USB Wireless Adapter.
  2. Insert the pin into the reset port on adapter to initiate pairing mode.
  3. The light on the adapter will blink.
  4. Turn on the headset.
  5. Hold the Microphone mute button for 15 seconds to initiate pairing mode.
  6. Headset G logo will blink green to indicate pairing mode.

How do I setup my headset for Xbox One?

Connect a headset to another device using Bluetooth Put the headset into pairing mode. For an Xbox Wireless Headset, press and hold the green power button on the headset (located on the back of the left earcup) for 4 seconds. You will hear a repeated pairing tone, and the power light on the headset will start flashing.

How do I connect my wired headset to my Xbox One?

Take the stereo headset adapter and insert it in the expansion port on the controller, as illustrated in the image. Take the stereo headset and connect it to the 3.5 mm jack connector of the adapter. Use the buttons on the adapter to adjust the sound and microphone volume. Start the Xbox One.

Can Logitech G533 work with Xbox One?

And while the G533 doesn’t let you plug in a 3.5 mm audio cable to use it with an Xbox One or your phone (this is a wireless-only headset, folks) I found the included USB wireless dongle works just fine with a PlayStation 4, Steam Link or Nvidia Shield TV.

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