Can You Use A PS4 Controller On PUBG Mobile?

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support? PUBG Mobile does not support Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS devices. There are ways to get around this with certain plug-ins and devices, but these are not officially supported and may get your account banned.

Also, Do You Know Can you play with a PS4 controller on mobile?

You can use your wireless controller to play games streamed from your PlayStation®4 to an Android 10 device using the PS4 Remote Play app. Your wireless controller can also be used on an Android device using Android 10 or later to play games that support DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers.

Generally Is it legal to play PUBG mobile with a controller? PUBG does not allow using any third-party hardware devices such as a specific mouse, mobile game controller, etc that are not authorised by the company. In case you use or promote such hardware, PUBG can also take legal action against you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I play PUBG with PS4 controller on iPhone?

Using your controller is as simple as you’d hope and expect. Most games automatically detect that you have a controller paired and just work perfectly, including the popular online games like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and others too.

Which is the best controller for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Controllers PUBG Mobile does not officially support any sort of Bluetooth controller on Android or iOS. However, you can use the Mantis Gamepad app, a keymapping tool for Android that claims to protect you from getting banned and promises compatibility with almost any Android game.

What games work with PS4 controller on phone?

There are some great games out there that were built for mobile devices but support console controllers. Here’s a look at some of the best. 13 Best Mobile Games With Controller Support

  • 13 Call of Duty Mobile.
  • 12 Fortnite.
  • 11 Terraria.
  • 10 Stardew Valley.
  • 9 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2.
  • 8 Limbo.
  • 7 VVVVVV.
  • 6 Roblox.

Why won’t my PS4 controller work on my phone?

Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle off Bluetooth.Wait for a couple of seconds, re-enable your device’s Bluetooth and reinitiate the pairing process (see method #1 above).

What controllers are compatible with PUBG?

Most PlayStation and Xbox controllers with Bluetooth will be able to connect to your mobile device without issues. The original controller model for PS4 might be the best option due to its compatibility with Bluetooth devices.

Can you get banned in PUBG for team killing?

Team kill is prohibited as it interferes with normal team gameplay and penalties may be imposed if team kill is determined to be intentional and reoccurring.

Can you play PUBG on PS4?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, has relaunched as a free-to-play battle royale title on PC and consoles. You can download the game on PS4 via the PlayStation Store now.

How can I play PUBG Mobile with keyboard and mouse without getting banned?

To play PUBG mobile on an Android phone you can utilize GameSir BattleDock. It is the best keymapper for PUBG. You can also without much problem, play PUBG mobile with a keyboard and mouse on your mobile phone only as it will automatically connect the keyboard and mouse to your mobile phone.

Does PUBG new state mobile have controller support?

For those wondering, PUBG New State does not allow players to connect a controller to their mobile devices whilst playing the game. They do not allow the controller to be used in the mobile game because it keeps the game fairer and makes sure all players compete on such a fair level.

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